Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What I want for Christmas is...?

Making good music takes good equipment and good equipment doesn't come cheap. As much as I can, I try to come up with the most awesome tunes out of cheap stuff. Mainly, I use a small keyboard, an outdated PC that freezes when I play call of duty and cheap headphones from the local department store. At least now I have good quality bass headphones that I can work on given as a present.

I know I'm suppose to write this to Santa but might as well share it with you guys. What I really want for Christmas is this thing:

It's an Akai MPD26. I've been wanting to try out launchpads and what their true potential is in the flesh. But as always, money is an issue. That's almost $200 in Amazon and eBay with shipping outside the United States. Anyways, I don't think Santa is ever giving this sweet baby to me; I've been really naughty this year, maybe on the next I'll have my luck and save up.

But at least I got a consolation prize. This:

It's not much but I'm happy I have this baby. At least I can actually take hold of an instrument that I can use in making music. We really love Akai don't we?

See you next post!

The Mad Scientist

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